what is crash?

Crash Detroit is a three-day festival that exists to share the joy of music with Detroit by bringing street bands from around the country to perform in public spaces and local businesses.

Street bands are unamplified musicians who have the power to surprise and inspire their audiences, bringing life to the spaces where they perform. Crash Detroit brings this power to the city, encouraging the community to revel in the joyous sounds and movements found in street band culture and music.


Day One


The street bands performing at Crash will be spontaneously performing at businesses in Detroit. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for day-of updates of where to find us, or allow yourself to be surprised!

Day Two


A family-friendly day of live street bands, DIY instrument creations, food trucks and so much more!

Join us in the evening for a ticketed showcase of our bands.

Day Three


This year, Crash Detroit expands to two stages in the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard from Noon - 4 PM.

Food and beverages available for purchase in the Freight Yard!


Youth Crash Corps (YCC) provides music education to young adults in Detroit who do not have the option of taking a music class at school. 

Led by certified instrumental music educator, Nichole Hartrick, students in YCC will have access to a band instrument free of charge and will learn how to perform and read music. Classes will culminate in performances during the Crash music festival.

This year, YCC is proud to partner with Clippert Academy in Southwest Detroit. Clippert Academy is a Detroit Public School (5-8th grade) that has not offered music to students in over 15 years. We know that students who don’t have access to a quality music education are missing out on the benefits that learning to play an instrument provides. Studies have shown that students who study music perform better in their core classes and on standardized tests. Studies have shown that students who participate in an instrumental music class perform better in core subject areas and on standardized tests. Additionally, band kids have more self-confidence, a sense of community and an outlet for creativity and expression. Music education is a critical component of a well-rounded education and we are excited to provide this opportunity for students in Detroit.

Younger children attending the festival can also get in on the action by creating their own DIY instruments and participating in kid parades through the day on Saturday.

Young Detroit musicians interested in performing please click here to send us a message!


2017 Lineup

detroit party
marching band

Bitch, Thunder!


jefferson street
parade band



Detroit Pleasure Society




Detroit Folk Workshop: Roving Strings


gabriel brass band

March Madness Marching Band

Black Sheep ensemble


2017 Day Schedule

Daytime Festival / Lincoln Street art Park / 2-8pm
Free / All ages


2:00 / Detroit Party Marching Band
2:30 / Environmental Encroachment
3:15 / Jefferson Street Parade Band
4:30 / Drumadics
5:15 / Bitch, Thunder!
5:45 / March Madness Marching Band
6:15 / James Cornish Trio
6:45 / Black Sheep Ensemble
7:15 / Bitch, Thunder!
7:30 / Kavazabava


2:00 / March Madness Marching Band
2:30 / Rhyta Musik
3:15 / Black Sheep Ensemble
4:00 / Detroit Youth Volume
4:30 / Gabriel Brass Band
5:15 / Kavazabava
6:00 / Environmental Encroachment
6:30 / Detroit Pleasure Society
7:15 / Drumadics
7:45 / Jefferson Street Parade Band

Detroit folk Workshop:
ROving strings

2:30 / Pleasure Belle (Nick Schillace and Tom Gilchrist)
3:00 / James Anthony
3:45 / Kennedy Greenrod
4:15 / Lac La Belle
5:15 / Zac Fortin
6:00 / Nick Sternberg
6:30 / Mikol Kjälleb Guérison


Nighttime festival / Marble Bar


9:30 / Detroit Pleasure Society
10:15 / Environmental Encroachment
10:45 / Bitch, Thunder!
11:30 / Black Sheep Ensemble


9:00 / Rhyta Musik
9:30 / Gabriel Brass Band
10:00 / March Madness Marching Band
10:30 / Jefferson Street Parade Band
11:00 / Detroit Party Marching Band
11:30 / Kavazabava
12:00 / Drumadics